Going live.


I've been sharing info on Instagram about my live sessions and wanted to give a little context to new/confused/interested followers.


As soon as I got out of postgrad, I dived (excitedly, but maybe not wholeheartedly at the time) into teaching and design education. Little did I know that it was that four year gig that would change my whole outlook on sharing information, exchange of ideas and harnessing creativity. If you know me from my time at UOD, you know how passionate I am about teaching (sometimes very unconventionally!) And definitely learning.


I have since moved on to establish eightsevenstudio, a multidisciplinary practice which I created as an umbrella to not only pay the bills (read: go on holidays!) but also experiment with ideas like Warq Paper Products. Over the years I have met and worked with a good number of entrepreneurs and passionate startups ranging from artists, designers, chefs, fashionistas, bloggers and event planners etc. Each of them were an opportunity for me to learn.


As I do a couple of different live sessions, I will be talking about startups and entrepreneurship (as well as touching on branding and design). This is not a class or a lecture but a discussion where I will be able to share some information and you can pitch in or ask questions (lots have been coming in, feel free to send yours!)


Exciting times, see you on Instagram! 


Instagram: @samansohail15